Fallout 4 (ps4): Teaching an old Gamer New Tricks

Fallout 4Gaming has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I’ve grown up playing Mario games on Nintendo and have seen the rise and fall of countless generations of consoles. I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore gamer – playing every single game that comes out, buying every single collector’s edition, owning every console, playing everything to 100% completion but I do enjoy playing in a world that’s unlike my own when I have the chance. Fallout 4 is the type of world unlike anything I’ve ever played in before.

After a lot of back and forth on deciding whether or not to purchase one of the current generation of consoles (  PS4, Xbox One or Wii U), my wife and I decided to purchase a PS4 earlier this year. Part of the decision was based on the console having The Last of Us, which I did not get to play on the PS3. Both my wife and I enjoyed the developer’s other IP, the Uncharted Series, so I thought this would be something I can enjoy myself and with my wife.

We have gone through a few games, mostly remakes from the previous generation such as Tomb Raider Definitive Edition and Grand Theft Auto 5. We thoroughly enjoyed going through the Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection and Borderlands The Handsome Collection – playing this at the same time or watching each other play. But just recently I started playing a game that is like no other game I’ve ever played before.

I had no real intentions on playing Fallout 4 when I purchased it. I was playing Metal Gear Solid 5 at the time and I mentioned to my wife how I was getting bored as I have already completed the story and the only thing left for me was to redo missions for a better rating. She mentioned to me to buy Fallout 4. I kept pushing it off, as it wasn’t a game I was interested in. I never played or knew anything about its past iterations and I didn’t think this type of game was for me. From what I saw (and I saw a lot because the game is all over the internet), it was an open world Shooter/RPG that takes place in a bleak and desolate wasteland. It’s my kind of movie genre but not my kind of game. Borderlands also takes place in a wasteland, but its humorous tone and futuristic weapons and environments were something I really enjoyed. Fallout looked like one of those games that took itself too seriously. I eventually purchased the game for my wife to play thinking she wanted to play it – she didn’t.

Not wanting to waste the $60 on the game, I decided to play it myself.I started with the initial main story quests that lead me from point A to point B with different objectives here and there for some variety. It was nothing new for me, got a little boring the first few hours. There was a settlement-building feature that had me building and providing homes for other homeless waste-landers but other than that it was just another game that provided a go fetch and go kill type of experience. It felt monotonous and I took several breaks, sometimes not even playing it at all for a day and going back to playing Metal Gear Solid. I thought about selling the game back to GameStop and possibly trading it in for that new Star Wars game.

I gave it another chance and booted the game back up again. On my way to another quest area, I caught a glimpse of a really tall building with some freaky looking monsters [Super Mutants] shooting up some people. I thought to myself, “What the hell, I’ll help them out and get some XP for my trouble.” I started gunning down the Super Mutants on the first floor and then a new objective popped up. I started working my way up the building’s twisting hallways and dead ends, eventually finding hidden paths and elevators to get to the top. After 20-30 minutes of exploring the building and picking up all the junk I can find, I finally made it to the top. I was faced with a Super Mutant with a really large gun and an equally large attitude for seeing me dismembered. After dying to him about 50 times, I finally took him down with a few good shots to his fat head. I took his gun as my reward and I was able to rescue two people from a prison he had at top – a human and a friendly Super Mutant who became my traveling companion.

As I gazed down at the ruined city below with the sun shining on my character’s face, it felt like a great accomplishment that I started on my own. I wondered what were inside all those other buildings I walked passed. This was the real start of my enjoyment with Fallout 4. I now find myself going through old buildings and shacks, discovering hidden doors and secret areas that usually provide me great new weapons and difficult but enjoyable enemy encounters.  I’ve spent countless hours on this extremely addicting game. I don’t completely follow the set objectives that the game provides – I create my own little adventures in a game world that is nothing like I’ve ever experienced in real life or in any other game.

Fallout 4 Screenshots
Fallout 4

Taking down the Super Mutant scum of the Commonwealth

Fallout 4

One of Fallout 4’s breath-taking views


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